Want More Leads For Your Local Business?

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Do you want more leads for your local business?

“But in this economy”…

Don’t let the recession control your mindset. 

You’ve heard the saying: “Things they are a’ changin”?

Well, the same can be said for the web.

Knowledge and technology is changing, adapting and growing so fast on the Internet that even the experts need teams of people to keep up!

Remember “My Space”?  We never dreamed a site called Facebook would effectively knock it out of contention.

Dynamic Attraction Marketing Tips and Techniques

Are you tired of chasing leads and prospects to your business?

dynamic attraction marketing tips and techniques
If the answer is yes, then you need dynamic attraction marketing tips and techniques so that you can begin to draw people towards you, rather than chasing them away from you. This is the essence of successful online lead generation.  

Marketing By Attraction = Dynamite!

The word "dynamic" has the same root as the similar word "dynamite".  And dynamite is explosive!!

Sales Lead Generation Online:
Attraction Marketing and You

attraction marketing, sales lead generation online, attraction magnet Component #2 of Building a Successful Online Business is sales lead generation online. For an overview of the original post of the The Secret To Speed and Traction in Your Business, click here.  

Attracting Targeted Leads To You

Today we'll talk about the following: how would your business change if you could learn how to attract targeted prospects to you?

A Magic Bullet For Your Business?

magic bullet for business,marketing magnetism
If you are a small business owner, product consultant or entrepreneur, you may be desperately hoping you will discover  a potent small business marketing strategy - a kind of magic bullet - soon - before your business suffers the same fate that multiplied thousands of small enterprises are facing every single day... Closed for Business. Perhaps you've heard of the handy dandy kitchen contraption called The Magic Bullet"? It's like a mini-blender, shaped like a bullet, with 2 blades, several cups, various colored rings for the tops of the cups, and a recipe book. I'm now on my second one, as the first one made probably thousands of milkshakes, as well as salsa and other concoctions over a period of a couple of years. I wouldn't know what to do without it!

Attention, Please! Effective Marketing in an ADHD World

Have you heard that we no longer live in the Information Age?

attention marketing in an ADHD world We are inundated with more information than we can possibly absorb in our lifetimes.

We now live in the ATTENTION Age. 

In this crazy ADHD world, the ultimate prize is to find our focus - and encourage our customers or prospects to focus - on how we can best assist them.

Marketing With Heart

HEART ATTACK!! Sometimes incidents happen that put life into perspective FAST. Here is a true example of one of those.  My niece, Marla and her husband Gabe were at a church festival with their 3 young girls last Saturday evening. Gabe was in a pickup basketball game with his buddies when suddenly, he didn't feel well.  He made his way slowly to the parking lot. As he leaned against their van, cold and clammy, Marla found herself wondering what to do. Was it serious?

Join Me in a Million Dollar Day?

Ok, so I'm just a few hours short of my first Million Dollar Day. What's that, you ask? Simply this - make a list of a bunch of stuff you've been putting off that drains you every time you think about it. Write down next to the list how long you've put it off. Choose items to do that are several times more than you would typically accomplish in a day, and then kick it the entire day. Your imaginary reward? You get a million dollars at the end of the day if you get everything done on your list!