About Lisa

Owning your own business can be overwhelming – especially for small or home business entrepreneurs and service providers who need to be functioning and skilled in several areas to turn a profit; sales & marketing, time management, outsourcing, logistics of business, etc, etc – all on top of being good at what you do in the midst of your busy life!

In addition, local offline business owners who don’t adapt to learning how to attract clients online are going out of business
at an alarming rate of speed.

Lisa’s Journey
Lisa has faced the challenges of feeling overwhelmed. In addition to creating entrepreneurial income (both offline and online) to help support her family, she creatively assists other service providers and small business owners to prioritize and streamline their endeavors.

Past President and active member of a local BNI (Business Networking International) Chapter, as well as networking with a team of colleagues online, Lisa understands all too well the importance of making every move she makes count for a lot. She walks her own talk and shows you how you can, too, no matter how many plates you are spinning to make life work.

Lisa has created time saving, overwhelm solving “light bulb moments”
for others for over 3 decades.

The field of education was her foundation in assisting children with learning disabilities – guiding them to overcome their challenges to get from where they are to where they want to be as students and citizens of the world.

This background laid a powerful foundation upon which to build her problem and overwhelm – solving business coaching and consulting practice.

Lisa’s Mission:
Guiding Clients From Where They Are to Where They Want To Be

As a business coach who is skilled at listening carefully, asking probing questions, and creating space for people to unload what is standing in the way of their progress, she assists in creating effective and doable action plans that guide clients to get exactly what they want to achieve from their businesses and the quality of their lives – alleviating the overwhelm.
She also provides real world consulting in educating her clients in the most effective traditional and online tools and resources that cut through
confusion and inefficiency in business pursuits.

Like most Baby Boomers, Lisa started out on the Internet using only Google search, email, and ordering occasionally on eBay. Lisa has spent the last few years in intensive learning and has adapted and made the transition to the new global world of business, creating strong and growing residual income for her family. She can quickly and easily show you how Internet tools and systems can help solve overwhelm for you also.

Her ability to explain technology concepts in simple terms is a most welcome gift, especially for those who would not describe themselves as “tech savvy.”

Lisa’s mission and desire is to guide overwhelmed and aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service professionals to navigate a brave new world in order to build a solid financial footing that allows them the freedom to pursue the life of their dreams.