Embrace The Unexpected

So many times we cringe at the unexpected.

But I have a new motto – embrace the unexpected – and see what amazing things can be birthed as a result.

Creatures of Habit

It’s no surprise that we humans can be creatures of habit.  We like to eat the same foods on a regular basis, watch football on Sunday afternoons or shop every weekend, make our beds in a particular sequence, fold our clothes a certain way, and in general, we don’t like our routine messed up (unless we plan a vacation)!

Our work habits can be just as ingrained (for good or ill) and we don’t like to veer from the norm very often.

But what would happen if you initiated the unexpected?  What if you learned to enjoy the unexpected? And what change would you see in your life if you actually chose to embrace the unexpected?

embrace the unexpected, christmas tree decorationsIt is early in December and folks all over have Christmas shopping and Holiday preparations on their minds.  But some will stop – at least for a short time – to remember the reason for the season, and to allow the wonder of Christmas to capture their hearts once more.

I read an interesting story this week about some typical Christmas shoppers who were brought face to face with the unexpected.

Be sure to check it out here, and remember  how important it is to embrace the unexpected!

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