When Life Gets In The Way:
Priorities in Crisis

New Years Resolutions,when life gets in the way, priorities in crisisHave you made out your list of New Year’s Resolutions (or goals) for this year yet?

Typically, I do this prior to the first of the year, and find time to recap the successes and struggles of the previous year. In this way, I put a kind of virtual “ribbon” on the year gone by, and create new space for new things in the year to come.

Life didn’t quite work out that way when this New Year rolled around.

My daughter had surgery just a couple of days after Christmas, and she ended up having complications from the medication given to her for pain control.  I had to call the Rescue Squad late one wintry night and she was whisked to the Emergency Room by ambulance.

She was still struggling to regain her health and strength after returning home. It was a touch and go situation for a couple of weeks after her surgery.

So between the normal time taken off for the Christmas season, plus her surgery and subsequent complications, I couldn’t keep up with my business activities.

Because life was anything but usual.


Has “life” recently interfered with the plans you made for your business?

Have you had to put people, projects and problems on hold for a time to take care of a crisis situation?

If so, I can relate to how you feel.

Don’t beat yourself up emotionally because you couldn’t keep up with your correspondence, team meetings, webinars or seminars, or other business activities you work so hard to stay on top of.

Sometimes, business just has to be put on hold!

Family is the most important thing during a crisis, and no doubt, your work will still be waiting when life settles down and you return to your duties.

Tell your colleagues and customers (if you can) briefly what you are dealing with, and ask for their understanding.

You might just be surprised at how supportive they are.

When life gets in the way of your best laid plans, take a deep breath and keep things in perspective.

Your most important priority are the people closest to you – in the end,  your work is simply an avenue to enable you to spend a higher quality of life and time with those you love and serve.



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