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Marketing With Heart

HEART ATTACK!! Sometimes incidents happen that put life into perspective FAST. Here is a true example of one of those. Some young relatives of mine were at a church festival with their 3 young girls on a Saturday evening. John was in a pickup basketball game with his buddies when suddenly, he didn’t feel well.  […]

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A Magic Bullet For Your Business?

If you are a small business owner, product consultant or entrepreneur, you may be desperately hoping you will discover  a potent small business marketing strategy – a kind of magic bullet – soon – before your business suffers the same fate that multiplied thousands of small enterprises are facing every single day… Closed for Business. […]

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Multiplication in Marketing:
Personal Business Management

1+1=3? Anybody that knows elementary math knows this is the wrong answer, right? Well, mathematically speaking, yes.  But put this into a human equation, and you’ll come up with a different answer. How? When two or more people get together to talk, brainstorm, and share goals, plans, and ideas, the WHOLE becomes much greater than […]

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