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To any and all local businesses:

Lisa Trost with Ride The Tide Business Coaching has been working to assist Travel Lovers with their online presence now for several months. Beginning with a professional interview, she assessed the needs, desires and potential issues with our website, email newsletter and Facebook pages.

Lisa provided great insight and advice as to how we could increase our presence, and display our online information more effectively. After reviewing her information, we turned our website over to Lisa to optimize.

As a result, we have seen a large increase in online requests for travel information and actual bookings resulting from these requests. We now have more knowledge on how to improve our web “look” and have an agenda of improvements to come.

Is your business where you want it to be? Are you expanding your online presence to attract new business?

Ride The Tide Business Coaching with Lisa Trost can get you and your business where you want it to be to succeed.

I would highly recommend you set up an appointment with Lisa. It’s easy – so why not.

Who couldn’t use more business?


Laura F. Tyree

Travel Lovers

Everyone these days knows that it is important to have a website. But just having a domain name and a couple of pages about your company is not enough. Today, you have to consider Google placement, SEO, active blogging and social media. Who has time for all of that? Certainly not me.

After realizing that I would never have the time or energy to get my site up myself, I trusted the services of Ride The Tide Consulting to help me.

They created a new site with all the bells and whistles that my site needed.

My needs were very different than most and Lisa Trost at Ride The Tide listened and implemented each and every one.

Thank you Lisa Trost of Ride The Tide Consulting for helping us come “alive” online.


Gary Cline


Firehouse Graphics, Inc.

My name is Kim Condon with Godsend Cleaning.
We are professional residential and commercial cleaners that service Lynchburg, Va and the surrounding counties.

My experience with Lisa has been phenomenal! She helped me to get out of the rut I had been stuck in for far too long!

Not only did she help me to get out, but to GO!!
I no longer felt I was drowning with no one to help me! She became my lifeline.

Through her insights and experience she drew out of me what was there all the time, to succeed and move forward. I not only achieved goals I thought nearly impossible but have now set new ones never thought of!

The money I saved by moving up my time line to reach my goals is immense! And the stress relief I felt by having Lisa on my side, brainstorming, guiding, supporting, and helping in so many different ways, is immeasurable!

I always felt a sense of relief and the weight on my shoulders lift as well as a real hope, when I would leave my sessions with her.

When I heard of Lisa’s service I knew instantly I needed her!! She is so accomplished, knowledgeable, and personable. I had no doubt she would be a great help to me.

Lisa’s service clarifies, motivates, and gives great insight, drive and hope. It makes it a joy to follow your dreams of achieving something great in your business and in your life as a whole!!

If you are stuck, if you are drowning, if you need some stress relief and someone on your side, hire Lisa.

If you need a fresh start, a new direction, a guide, hire Lisa.

If you need hope, drive and purpose, hire Lisa.

Kim Condon

Godsend Cleaning
“We’re not just people who clean, we’re people who care!”


coach curt johnson,ride the tide coaching and consulting,coaching case studiesWorking with Lisa Trost has been a blessing.

Her innate ability to ask the right questions
and be tuned into the dynamics that make up
a successful business person’s life is incredible.

At each turn she knows how to lead, motivate,
give wise and constructive input, and pull out
the best in you to move forward.

Steady and consistent impartation says it all.

In these crazy days it is hard to know
what or 
who you can depend on.
You can depend on Lisa.

Curt Johnson

Coaching Director for 80/20 Marketing



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