Marketing With Heart


Sometimes incidents happen that put life into perspective FAST.

Here is a true example of one of those.

Some young relatives of mine were at a church festival with their 3 young girls on a Saturday evening.

John was in a pickup basketball game with his buddies when suddenly, he didn’t feel well.  He made his way slowly to the parking lot.
As he leaned against their van, cold and clammy, his wife found herself wondering what to do.

Was it serious?

When she notified a pastor about John’s complaint, he immediately called 911.
His wife wondered if it was THAT serious.

Long story short, John was transported to the hospital just in time to save his life.
His primary artery was 100% blocked.  They call it the “widow-maker” artery for
good reason.  But a stent was put into place, prayers were answered, and John lived through it.

He was only 34.

Regardless of his age, though, now John has to make changes – in his
diet, lifestyle, activity levels, and the care of that heart that he (and most of us) take
for granted.

The word “heart” has been on my mind ever since.
And I’ve been thinking of the many ways we use the word “heart” in our language.

* He’s got heart.
* She’s putting all of her heart into it!

* I love you with all my heart.
* Here’s the heart and soul of the matter…..
* I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

* You’re all heart (possible sarcastic slant here).
* That was a heart-stopper!

Notice how nearly all of the usages of the word have a deep and positive resonance and meaning?

So what does this have to do with small business and Internet marketing?

Quite a bit, actually.

If you want to attract people you can help – and those who can help you in return, you need to have marketing with HEART.

Here’s an Acrostic to make it easy to remember:

H – Honesty
E – Engagement
A – Artistry
R – Responsiveness
T – Treasures

Honesty – tell it like it is – not sugar coating the work involved or trying to impress someone with something you’re not.

Engagement – multiple email ‘touches’ – your correspondence with those who are on your list is a vital way to connect with them – even if you aren’t able to meet them face to face.

Artistry – put the “you” into your marketing.  You have a flair that is unique from anyone else on God’s good green earth – share it!

Responsiveness – keep in touch with your visitors, commenters, and those on your list.  They want to know you’re a real person. Imagine that you are speaking face to face and talk as you would to a friend.

Treasures – Write to your audience in order to share the treasures you’ve discovered – and to help them unearth their own.

These suggestions are ones you can implement today – whether or not you already have a blog started.  Use the HEART acrostic tips on your Facebook page, in your personal correspondence via email, and in your conversations with co-workers and friends.  If you strive your best to be honest, engaging, artistic, responsive and truthful about the treasures you have found, you WILL have people listen to you and want to know more!

The best marketers are simply those folks who are authentic, and can truthfully describe what and who have helped them the most in their own journey.  

How does this relate to you as a family member, friend, small business owner or Internet marketer?

In this process of relating your own true story, you can help someone who is in a place now where you used to be – and help them to shortcut some of the frustration and loneliness you’ve had to battle yourself.

Authentic marketing isn’t about a hyperactive, slick “salesman” who tries to sell anything to anybody – marketing is at the core of who you are.  It’s simply sharing from the HEART what you have found useful and how it may help somebody else who is reading what you have to say.

Whether it is an offline product or service, an online teaching program, or a team you’re a part of that has changed your world, talk about it.

Speak from the heart, and watch what happens.

Marketing with HEART will open up your arteries of influence and attract people to you and your message.

Live long and live strong!


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