Attention, Please! Effective Marketing in an ADHD World

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Have you heard that we no longer live in the Information Age? We are inundated with more information than we can possibly absorb in our lifetimes. We now live in the ATTENTION Age.  In this crazy ADHD world, the ultimate […]

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Are You Working Doubletime?

Working ON your business – not just IN your business. I had an interesting conversation this week with a business associate about folks who are self- employed, or own their own business, or those who have a business on the side. (That includes most of us!) Here’s the rub: People with an entrepreneurial spirit want […]

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Susan’s Story – Part 4: Putting It All Together – Strategy in Business for a Balanced Life

Susan’s story is one of massive success because she chose to take massive action. While she brainstormed with her coach, came up with her top frustrations and was given action steps to help her move closer to her goals, it was Susan’s determination to follow through that made all of the difference! That Was Then, […]

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Multiplication in Marketing:
Personal Business Management

1+1=3? Anybody that knows elementary math knows this is the wrong answer, right? Well, mathematically speaking, yes.  But put this into a human equation, and you’ll come up with a different answer. How? When two or more people get together to talk, brainstorm, and share goals, plans, and ideas, the WHOLE becomes much greater than […]

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A Magic Bullet For Your Business?

If you are a small business owner, product consultant or entrepreneur, you may be desperately hoping you will discover  a potent small business marketing strategy – a kind of magic bullet – soon – before your business suffers the same fate that multiplied thousands of small enterprises are facing every single day… Closed for Business. […]

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Marketing With Heart

HEART ATTACK!! Sometimes incidents happen that put life into perspective FAST. Here is a true example of one of those.  My niece, Marla and her husband Gabe were at a church festival with their 3 young girls last Saturday evening. Gabe was in a pickup basketball game with his buddies when suddenly, he didn’t feel […]

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Let’s Make A Deal!
(Part 5) Negotiating With Yourself in Your Business

If you’re in the self-employed or entrepreneur category, you realize that you find yourself in the position of being both boss and employee simultaneously.  And that can be tough! How do you make a deal with yourself to get things done? You know the hammer will fall only as far as you allow – because, […]

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