A Magic Bullet For Your Business?

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If you are a small business owner, product consultant or entrepreneur, you may be desperately hoping you will discover  a potent small business marketing strategy – a kind of magic bullet – soon – before your business suffers the same fate that multiplied thousands of small enterprises are facing every single day…

Closed for Business.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the handy dandy kitchen contraption called The Magic Bullet”? It’s like a mini-blender, shaped like a bullet, with 2 blades, several cups, various colored rings for the tops of the cups, and a recipe book.

I’m now on my second one, as the first one made probably thousands of milkshakes, as well as salsa and other concoctions over a period of a couple of years.

I wouldn’t know what to do without it!

I’ve got it on my mind today, because I’m going in search of another one for my grown son, Ben, who is traveling for work for a couple of months.  He wants to keep up with his milkshake regimen while he’s on the road.



What’s so great about a Bullet?

* It’s small and compact.

* It’s powerful and mixes very quickly.

* You can customize your shakes (or whatever)magic bullet for business,magic bullet milkshake
to individual family members, as you can create
one at a time and give them a different ring
color at the top.

* It’s a snap to clean – simply rinse and
put the cups in the dishwasher.

* You can eat healthier (and cheaper) by
making your own drinks, salsas, soups, etc.
at home.

There are a lot of reasons we love it!


 Likewise, in my business meetings and consultations, I often meet folks who are in search of a “magic bullet” for their business success.

They want something simple, quick, hassle-free and easy to use that will bring them massive results. (I’m all for that, too!)

It’s so easy in this internet day and age to fall prey to the “bright, shiny object” syndrome – purchasing one thing after another in hopes that this will be the one “magic bullet” that will guarantee superb results!

There is a lot of good training out there – and there’s also a ton of junk.

But much of the training, although it might be good, doesn’t show you how to implement the best course of action for YOUR particular business.

Sure, it might work well for Joe’s Shoe Shop down the street, but will those same methods bring more customers for Mr. Insurance Salesman?

Or Miss Cosmetics Distributor?

You have unique needs because every business is unique.

Your best solution will therefore, be a customized one.  A system that is customized to YOUR goals, dreams, and future blueprint for how you want your business to grow. A small business marketing strategy that has “you” written all over it.


What most don’t realize is that even the “Magic Bullet” is actually a system!

It was invented, engineered, optimized and branded to be its own unique system. It has many individual parts that work together for optimum results – much faster than a single part could do on its own.

Did it take an investment of time and money to get the system to its peak?

It sure did!

But now that it is branded as a system, and is doing the work for which it was intended, it is sold by the thousands and works like a well oiled machine.


* Your business or service needs a customized plan and system to work to its full potential as well.

Here is where a coach and consultant can be so valuable.

My own coach and mentor have been a Godsend to help me implement a proven system and schedule – to maximize impact while minimizing distractions and help me to move in the direction of my dreams.

* What will be different about your business in one year from what it looks like today?

A creative plan, a customized system, and a future blueprint with planned implementation will radically change that future picture!

Do you have a coach or mentor and a system (team) to help you get unstuck and move rapidly towards your goals and dreams?

* Don’t let frustration stop you in your tracks.

Choosing the right mentor and team (system) will propel you towards just the right combination of ingredients in your small business – at a speed you never knew was possible!

It’s the closest thing to a Magic Bullet you’ll ever hope to find.

Now that’s a small business marketing strategy you can count on.

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