Multiplication in Marketing:
Personal Business Management

personal business management,multiplication marketing1+1=3?

Anybody that knows elementary math knows this is the wrong answer, right?
Well, mathematically speaking, yes.  But put this into a human equation, and you’ll come up with a different answer.


When two or more people get together to talk, brainstorm, and share goals, plans, and ideas, the WHOLE becomes much greater than the sum of its parts – in fact, it’s more like MULTIPLICATION than addition!


Benefits of Business Coaching

Business coaching feeds off of this solid concept.  While you as a small business owner, service provider or product consultant may feel “stuck” in some arena, another perspective can open up possibilities you may not have thought about.  This is just one of many benefits of business coaching.

A good coach will listen to your concerns and frustrations and encourage you to unearth those dreams you may have buried long ago.  What you now view as a problem may actually be one of your greatest opportunities – if you can look at it from another perspective.

Once you have identified where you feel stuck, and what you would like your end result to be, it’s time to get down to business with an action plan.

  • What are your top  3 goals?
  • What time frame will you give yourself to accomplish these?

Great questions to talk about with your coach, who will also be a person you can be accountable to – so you’ll be more motivated to finish what you start.

After all, if you make a promise to someone, like your child, for instance, then you will more likely follow through because he or she is counting on you to keep your word.  This works well as an agreement between adults also.  Having a coach who will help you take ACTION and provide ACCOUNTABILITY can skyrocket your productivity to a level that will amaze you!

I’ve seen it in my own business.  And I’ve got to admit, that scheduling those times to talk with a coach keeps me on my toes as far as accomplishing things is concerned. I can’t even count the number of benefits of business coaching that I’ve noticed for myself – and there are countless others who will vouch for its effectiveness in catapulting their own businesses forward.

In this hectic Internet age, where so many sit alone  – in essence hiding behind their computers – your willingness to reach out, get out and form relationships with other people will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine until you start doing it.

Your influence will multiply when you look to boost your own productivity and help others boost theirs also.


Strategy In Business

If you feel stuck, talk to a coach.  Get an outside-the-box point of view, and decide how you’ll move in a different direction to accomplish those dreams.  After all, “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

If business is going pretty well for you, but you don’t have much of a network, reach out.  Visit a local BNI or other networking group. Find real live people you can connect with, and go out and meet some folks in your local area.  You’ll be amazed at the ideas and energy that can come out of such simple meetings over coffee.  Who knows how the world will be changed as a result!

I highly recommend that your personal business management plan include coaching, mentoring and networking with other people.

1+1 = 3?  I challenge you to get involved in the lives and experiences of other people – brainstorm, share those ideals, plans and dreams, and watch how it changes your entire business equation!

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