Happy “Labor” Day Weekend!

Do have near or far vacation plans for
Labor Day Weekend? If so, I hope you
are enjoying this last whisper of summer
before Fall officially begins.

I remember being confused about the meaning
of Labor Day for years.

Our little town always has a HUGE celebration
every year for Labor Day Weekend – I grew up
in a farming community, so our activities
reflect that.

There’s the annual tractor pull, antique car show,
happy labor day,ballpark,ice cream vendors,carnivala pig roast, carnival type games for the kiddos,
oodles of crafts, folks selling antiques and what-
have-you all over the ballpark fairgrounds,
ice cream vendors, fast-pitch softball
tournaments, and my personal favorite:

Rotisserie BBQ chicken dinners for a song!

Yet, amidst all of this celebration and
activity at the ballpark – just down the
street from where I grew up – we kids were
not permitted to go join the festivities as
soon as the gate was opened for the day.

Why not?

Because Dad told us that Labor Day meant
that we were supposed to LABOR!!

(No, I’m not kidding).

So, we found ourselves doing things like
cleaning the garage, organizing the basement,
or tackling the attic on days like these.

Although we weren’t happy about it, I must
admit that we were more motivated to get the
work done
so we could enjoy the goings-on
down at the park with our friends afterwards!

I think Dad used the name of the day to
his advantage. 😉

I hope you are taking some time this weekend
to enjoy this celebratory day.

But if you do have some work to get done –
just think of something you’d really enjoy
afterwards and get crackin’ to finish those

The faster you get the work done, the sooner
you can enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Give yourself something to look forward to.

Now that’s a Labor Day lesson you can
learn from a (former) young’un.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. – Go treat yourself to an ice cream cone today –
you’ve earned it!

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