Are You Working Doubletime?

Working ON your business – not just IN your business.

are you working doubletime,working on your business,entrepreneurial mindsetI had an interesting conversation this week with
a business associate about folks who are self-
employed, or own their own business, or those who
have a business on the side.

(That includes most of us!)

Here’s the rub:
People with an entrepreneurial spirit want to work for themselves.


We typically don’t want someone else telling us
what to do every day!

So we… (fill in the blank):

* Start our own company.
* Become a consultant for another company.
* Start a home-based business that we alone can run.

There are some people who find it necessary to work
for someone else – yet often they will begin (or hope
to) a home based business for the freedom it offers them.

There’s just one little catch.

With all of the glories and advantages of being the
top dog and the decision maker in your own business,
there comes with it quite a bit of irony.

Because now, you see, you’re not just an employer

are you working doubletime,motivational mojos,productivity in businessYou’re both employer and employee!!

You know that boss who ruffled your feathers by
telling you what to do?

Now you may find yourself in resistance to
YOURSELF because you are now the boss of you!

This makes things a little dicey.

But once you realize the dynamics of it, you can
make changes to accommodate for this little-thought-
about roadblock to successful self-employment.

One thing I’ve found immensely helpful is to
schedule blocks of time (as “appointments”) on
my calendar for what needs to be done that day.

The time selection is up to me – but if I need to
get 3 articles written, I block it off on my color-
coded online calendar (or spiral notebook, or project
to do list).

Of course, you’ll have unexpected things come up.

But it’s critical to have focused, uninterrupted time to plan and execute – particularly if you are the CEO, (self) employee, marketer, writer, relation-ship builder and chief cook and bottle washer! (as my dad used to say)

What are your favorite ways to motivate yourself to get things accomplished?

I would really like to know!

Please share by leaving feedback below – and we can continue the conversation.

Oh – and as an added perk – if you find yourself
anywhere in the “self employment” category –
celebrate those little moments whenever you can.

Get something for yourself on Secretary’s Day –
AND on Boss’s Day! 🙂

To your  business success!


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