Susan’s Story – Part 3: Powerful Business Strategy Tools of Action & Accountability

business strategy tools,susan's story,action and accountabilitySusan needed some powerful business strategy tools to help alleviate the overwhelm which was choking out quality time with her family and leaving her frustrated and stressed. Let’s see what worked for her.What did Susan’s first coaching session look like?

Did the coaching remind her of an athletic coach – barking orders and requiring laps around the field for miscues?

Although you may chuckle at that vision, some folks really see coaching in that light.

But that’s not what business coaching is about!

Susan discovered that her coaching sessions were all about her and her business and focused upon what her dreams were for both the profitability and functionality of her business enterprise.


Business Strategy Tools: QAA – Questions, Action and Accountability.

Her coach asked her a lot of questions.
business strategy tools,susan's story,questions,action and accountability
* First, what were her dreams for her business?
* Why did they start it in the first place?

* What were the hopes associated with it regarding growth, income, and visibility?
* How did her current reality line up with that initial vision?

From there, her coach asked questions about her top 3 frustrations in the business, and then brainstormed with her about possible solutions.

Her coach certainly gave suggestions to consider, but each decision for action was ultimately in Susan’s court.

Specifically, one of Susan’s biggest frustrations was that she felt like a “slave” to her business instead of the “CEO” of her business.

So, the action steps she and her coach came up with had everything to do with leveraging her time, and business strategy tools,susan's story,leveraging timebeginning the process of transferring the bulk of the actual labor in the business to her employees… leaving Susan the time and space to do the duties of running her business the way she wanted to.

She loved this concept:
Running her business instead of being run by her business!

Accountability came into play – not as a coach breathing down the neck of a player to “get it right next time!”, but with her coach as a supportive encourager.

They wrote down the top 3-5 Action steps that would be doable within the next week or so, and made plans to follow up to see how things were progressing, and to see if Susan needed any more support or tools to make her action goals into reality in that period of time.

Relief At Last!

How did Susan feel after that first session?

Encouraged is an accurate overall word for her emotions following her initial coaching session, but Susan has more to share about how coaching transformed her time as well as how she views her business.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next post to see how she progressed from frazzled to faith-filled – confident that she was now in calm control of her own ship!

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