Susan’s Story – Part 4: Putting It All Together – Strategy in Business for a Balanced Life

strategy in business, balanced life, susan's storySusan’s story is one of massive success because she chose to take massive action. While she brainstormed with her coach, came up with her top frustrations and was given action steps to help her move closer to her goals, it was Susan’s determination to follow through that made all of the difference!

That Was Then, But This is Now

What is different about her life now than prior to coaching? One of the biggest “wins” for Susan is that she is now finally able to make family time a priority once more. She has delegated some of the busywork that was making her bone-tired, and she has put into place systems that continue to produce profit for her -even though she put most of her time into just the initial development phase. She feels like she has a handle on the many responsibilities in her world, and she feels confident that she can make any necessary adjustments as she goes – because she knows now that it is doable!

If you were to interview Susan today, you would note a calmer, more focused, happy and future-looking wife, mom, and business owner. For her, a coach isn’t just an instructor or director but a supporter and a friend.

Do you have someone in your life who is supporting you so that you can reach your goals? If you ask Susan, she’ll tell you that a coach can make a world of difference and help you move towards the life of your dreams.

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