Enounce Audio Video Software:
Getting Things Done Faster

speed up video,enounce myspeed softwareAre you looking for a mega time saver?

                                Look no further – I found it!

My favorite newest marketing tool for my business is (hands down) a piece of software called Enounce.  Simply put, Enounce will speed up videos to up to 3x as fast, and save you hours of time every day.

It’s a fact that we can hear and absorb many more words per minute than the typical rate of speech.  When we are in “live time”, we are focused not only on the words, but the facial expression and the body language of the speaker.

But when you are listening to a training video, or an info video, our focus is primarily on the words or information itself, and if you’re anything like me, you begin to feel that training videos DRRRRAAAAAAGGGGG on and on when I’m ready to just learn and move on with it!

Enter Enounce MySpeed audio video software.  Can you imagine listening to your 3 hours of training in just an hour or so a day?  You CAN learn faster and absorb more in less time and leverage your business in a huge way!

I hesitate to admit this, but Enounce was on my “wish list” for a number of months.  I didn’t even go to the site to check it out, because I assumed it would be quite pricey.

Boy, was I surprised when I actually went to take a serious look!
How much does Enounce cost?
The basic edition is only $29.99.

And yes, it has both a PC and a Mac version.

If you want the Premier edition, it is available as well.

 How Valuable Is YOUR Time?

In all honesty, my time is valuable.  Just an hour or two of time saved for me is worth more than the cost of the software!

What I also discovered after purchasing is that I began listening to video trainings that I was “putting off” because I was inwardly dreading how much time it would take.

No more now!

In fact, if I know that a webinar will be recorded, and I am tight on time, I’ll purposely wait and listen to it with the Enounce software so I can save time, but still get the information I need.

Enounce will speed up video consumption and save you hours that you can invest into your business in profit-making activities. It’s like speed reading for videos!

What are the features of Enounce?

* Supports all Flash-based videos
* Control with simple slider bar
* Up to 5 times faster
* Up to 3 times slower
* Hot keys to change speed without using a mouse
* PC or MAC compatible

Snag the free trial to see how it can work for you.

Additional benefits include the ability to SLOW DOWN videos if you are working through a course, watching a tutorial, or even learning a different language.

One of my favorite time leverage books is David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”.

And my favorite time leverage software is Enounce MySpeed software.

Try it out for free right HERE and I’d love to have your feedback.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lisa.

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