What is An Auto-Responder and How Will It Help My Business?

Have you heard of an autoresponder?          AWeber Autoresponder,follow up emails,leverage your leads list

What is this service and what is AWeber?

AWeber is a robust Autoresponder service, which is an email service that you can set up in advance to “auto-respond” to your followers.

Before I talk more about that, let’s first get clear about “building your list”.


Are You Building Your List?

To build your email list, you must either have customers already who are wanting to hear from you on a regular basis, or, you must BUILD a list like this.

How do you do that?

On your highly educational blog or website, you will give your visitors the opportunity to sign up (or “opt in”) to your email list….perhaps with a free offer, or an e-course, or something else they would deem valuable. (See the box to your right as an example of a sign-up box on your blog or website.)

Why is it so important to have an offer and an opt-in box on your blog or website?

Simply this: (and let’s be real about this)

Most likely, folks scan any one of scores or even hundreds of websites each day – but how long do they stay on each?

The answer? Not very long.

And though your information may be valuable, the chances of having visitors return over and over again – and remember who you are – are quite slim.


7 Touches To Trust?

Once you add an opt-in (or sign up) box, you then can continue to correspond with your visitor and build a relationship. It has been said that it takes 7 “touches” or contacts with you before one begins to trust you. Why not 7 “virtual” touches then?

You’ve done all the work – or hired it done – on the front end, so now let’s keep those leads and nurture them on the back end!

Don’t let them slip through your fingers.

This is where AWeber comes in.


Leveraged Leads Communication

AWeber provides you with customizable opt-in forms which you can then place on your website – so that you can attract and then KEEP in touch with people who resonate with your message. (We call it making your site “sticky”. )

Once they sign up, they have given you permission to keep in touch with them – and this eliminates the problem of spam!

Then once you have your form up and running, you can attach it to an email list that you name – fill your autoresponder with the frequency of emails you desire – and keep in touch with ALL of your visitors – no matter when they opt in! It’s a super LEVERAGED use of your time and resources.

** AWeber has a robust autoresponder platform to leverage your time and resources while nurturing relationships with your list.

Plus, you will gain a highly targeted list of people who WANT to hear what you have to say – and you will be able to write emails and offer them value, educate them about your industry, offer to help them with their needs, or offer them affiliate products (someone else’s product that may be helpful to them) and earn a commission for referring them!

AWeber is a highly reliable service that has a high deliverability rate. They also have tracking options included so you can see how many people have opened your email.

It even captures the responses of any who reply, and sends them straight to your inbox!

In addition, AWeber offers the ability to create your own newsletters – with a variety of customizable templates.

You can have any number of different email lists – if you have different sites, for instance – or perhaps you want a separate list for those who have never bought anything from you. Your buyers have already shown a level of trust in you, so segmenting this list can help you target what might be a good “next step” for them as far as products or services.

The possibilities are endless!


But I Don’t Have Time To Set This Up and Learn It!

If you know little to nothing about autoresponders, don’t worry. You can hire someone to set it all up and keep it up to date for you.

Ride The Tide Coaching and Consulting offers this service as well. Contact Us for details.

Then make your website “sticky” – attract people, entice them to sign up for your email list with valuable content, and then follow up and follow through.

If you do this, you will be amazed at the change in your business by this time next year!

I recommend AWeber as your autoresponder for this purpose. I’ve used AWeber for a number of years, and it is both flexible and highly reliable.

Don’t let your hard-earned visitors slip away without shaking their hand and introducing yourself and what you have to offer.

An autoresponder system like AWeber will assist you in offering that virtual “handshake and hello” that can be the start of a wonderful relationship with a prospective client or customer.

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