Let’s Make A Deal!
(Part 5) Negotiating With Yourself in Your Business

If you’re in the self-employed or entrepreneur category, you realize that you find yourself in the position of being both boss and employee simultaneously.  And that can be tough!

negotiate a deal with yourself,let's make a deal,productivity in businessHow do you make a deal with yourself to get things done? You know the hammer will fall only as far as you allow – because, after all, you’re the boss, too!

In Part 5, Ann Sieg talks about this challenge, and How To Negotiate A Deal With Yourself.

If you’ve ever set a deadline to lose a certain number of pounds by a particular date (your high school reunion, for example), or you’ve cleared out the clutter in your home before company comes, then you are familiar with the concept.

But it is powerful to add this technique to your business arsenal as well as your personal life!  Why not offer a big personal reward for accomplishing something big in your business?

Try out this technique and give me your feedback.  Apply it to your personal goals, your business aspirations and even that decluttering project you’ve been putting off around your house.

You just might be amazed at the results.  Accomplish more in less time by cutting a deal with yourself.

See this video for more inspiration!

Let’s make a deal: negotiate with yourself for increased business productivity and motivation.

And let me know how that’s going for you!

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