Getting Things Done: Plan Your Success!
(Part 3)

getting things done,productivity in business,Ann Sieg,EOD report,If you’ve heard of the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, then you know how important it is to plan your work, and then work your plan!  In fact, that is the theme for Part III of Productivity in Business.

For Part I, go here.

Ann Sieg, Internet Marketing Trainer and former local business owner, has been sharing some ultra effective online business tips for anyone who is in any type of business or work environment.

When you come to the end of each day, write down what you accomplished.  So often, we focus on what we didn’t get done today.  Flip that on it’s head.  Begin tracking what you accomplished during the day today – even if you did get distracted or interrupted a few (dozen) times.

Join our challenge, and post your EOD report consistently for others to see. You can even find a friend and ask them to hold you accountable for 30 days via email if you don’t prefer to post on Facebook, for instance.

It’s all about getting into action – and then accelerating results!  The EOD Challenge will help you do this!

I’ve been posting my EOD report for about a week now, and it really is making a difference in how I view the progress of my days. It will make a difference for you, too!

The EOD Challenge video explains this in a bit more detail – go now to watch it and join us in the business revolution of getting things done – and accelerate your task list from “to – do” to “done”!

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