How to Get from “To-Do” to “Ta-Da”!
(Part 4)

tada list,scribless,free online list maker,productivity in businessI haven’t met anyone lately who is all caught up on their “to-do” list (or lists).

It seems there are always more things to get done than there are hours in the day!

I’ve recently learned of a free online tool that will help you get those to-do lists organized and will give you a sense of completion once the tasks are finished!

Go now to view a short video that Ann Sieg recorded that will show you how it works and give you ideas for how it can help you accelerate your accomplishments.

You can even use this to create lists to give to other people to do for you – there is a “share” function and so much more. This is a great tool for outsourcing those pesky “to-do’s” that you never seem to get around to.

Head on over now to see the video clip  and try it out for yourself.

I welcome your feedback just below as well.

I am using these lists daily in my business. If you are doing your EOD (end of day) reporting, it’s a cinch to simply view your checked off tasks and write down quickly the items you accomplished today. This is one online business tool that’s a keeper for me. Isn’t it time you went from “to do” to Ta-Da?


** Note: I discovered after this post was written that the company has now closed “Ta-Da” to the public.  But don’t worry!  I found another free tool that will work for you. 

Click here to access Scribbless Although there are some minor differences from Ta-Da,  this is similar in function, but with an added bonus: you can actually drag and drop your task into the trash can once completed!  Now THAT is worth a look.

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